Basic data on Metandiyenona (methane)

Metandiyenon (methane) is a steroid drug with powerful anabolic influence. Active ingredient is methandrostenolone. Among athletes it is better known under the name “methane”. Drug was created by the famous scientist John Zigler in the middle of the last century. Since the beginning of the sixtieth years was issued for those times the known world company Ciba. It was initially used only in the medical purposes for treatment of difficult cases of burns, injuries and also in complex therapy at low immunity. Soon after an exit in free sale methane interested athletes from the different countries. The price of methane promoted it. Its began to apply to a set of muscle bulk and increase in power abilities actively. After mass use of FDA forbade use of steroid in professional sport. Legally it is possible to buy methane in Mexico and in the countries of Asia or to use services of online stores. In Russia, drug has other name “Nerobolum”, structure and action identically.

Methandrostenolone has the mass of trade names, but active ingredient from it does not change. It is made commercially, without regard to the ban. Before acquisition it is necessary to study the list not to make the wrong choice:

Dianabolum and Naposim;
Perabolum, Perbolinum;
Vanabolum, Anabolinum;
Metandiyenon, Stenolonum;
Novabolum, Perbolinum;
Metastenolum, Degidrometil, Testosterone;
It is the insignificant list of names with methandrostenolone active ingredient during search it is necessary to be guided by the substance which is a part. Specialists recommend to use the checked brands. The price of methane depending on the producer and drug also differs.
Steroid profile of Methane (Metandiyenon)
Anabolic action – makes 200% of testosterone.
Androgenic action – makes 50% of testosterone.
Estrogenic activity – minimum.
Action on a liver – insignificant.
Is issued in 2 forms – an injection form, tablets.
Influence duration – 6-8 hours, depending on identity of an organism.
Presence at an organism – 3 months.
Effects of Methane use
Promotes a fast set of muscle bulk.
Increases power and high-speed abilities.
Increases endurance several times.
Enhances appetite.
Influences decrease in amount of subcutaneous fat.
Strengthens bones, well influences work of joints.
Reduces a fatigue threshold.
Prevents catabolism processes.
Side effect – the Gynecomastia
The gynecomastia is an increase in a mammary gland at men. The side effect comes to light in cases of refusal of use of inhibitors of aromatase. Include them in a steroid course, and you will manage to avoid these consequences.

Impact on work of a liver.

As well as any Metandiyenon medicine influences work of a liver in a moderate equivalent. To prevent unpleasant consequences it is necessary to use cholagogue means Tykveol or Flamin, it is possible to replace with other drugs.

Metandiyenon at long use in a big dosage can cause development of cholecystitis. The first symptoms of this disease is pain in the right side. That it did not occur it is necessary to include in a course drugs for support of a liver: Esslial forte, Essentiale forte, Karsil, Allocholum. As a rule, intake of these drugs not always brings benefit, they are suitable only for prevention. If you felt pain and unpleasant flavoring feelings will better address specialists or to use an additional tool Cholosasum. It is drug of a plant origin which not only promotes productions of bile, but also removal her stomach. On the termination of a course after emergence of these problems the additional recovery of a liver by means of drugs (Gepral, Gepamerts) will be required to avoid inflammation of a liver and a gall bladder it is necessary to use steroid drugs in moderate quantity and not to prolong a course. Even the professional athlete to the chemist has enough 6 weeks of use of anabolic steroid.

Liquid delay
The most widespread side effect is accumulation of liquid in fabrics. There is it at increase in a dosage and refusal of aromatase inhibitors. In muscles the amount of water increases and they visually seem more. As a result on the termination of a course there is a rapid kickback and the quality of muscles worsens.

Number of additional negative consequences
At absence it is aware of inhibitors of aromatase the probability of increase in arterial blood pressure can increase.
Increase in sexual desire, erection throughout all course, opposite effect on the end of use.
After extension of a course there can be an atrophy of testicles.
Anke at people inclined to this problem.
Disorders of a GIT, heartburn, pain in a stomach.
Baldness on men’s type.
At women the masculinization is possible.
Increase in a myocardium.
Strengthening of pains in muscles and joints.
At frequent use of this drug within a year the atherosclerosis can develop.
Use in Methane medicine
Course of use Metandiyenona
Specialists do not recommend intake of steroid to teenagers till 21 year because of possible hormonal disturbances. Before buying tablets of methane it is necessary to undergo inspection to exclude a number of contraindications (A hypertension, inflammation of a prostate, a disease of a cardiovascular system, change in a liver)

To begin reception, as beginning, and follows professional athletes from 10 mg a day. In three days in the absence of side effects it is possible to increase a dosage to 20-30 mg a day. Such use will allow to exclude allergic and other reactions of an organism. In a week of use it is necessary to include in a course aromatase inhibitors (Anastrozol, Letrozole) it is necessary to Accept inhibitors 1 time in the 3rd day on 0.5 mg. It will allow to reduce conversion in estrogen and will save you from a number of consequences. After the termination of a course the recovery therapy by means of Tamoxifenum within 2-4 weeks will be required. In the last week Tamoxifenum dosage gradually decreases to full cancellation. During a course at many athletes because of predisposition of an organism the arterial blood pressure increases. Specialists do not recommend to stop a course, it is necessary to use auxiliary drugs for pressure decrease (Enalapril, Andipal)

After the athlete finishes reception of steroid means it is possible to restore testosterone level by means of testosterone boosters. In 4 weeks of reception the organism completely is restored, decreases kickback. Before use surely consult with the sports doctor or the trainer. To improve result and to reduce kickback after a course it is necessary to observe a food allowance, supporting a diet and to pass to sports nutrition.

Methane can be applied in other ways with interruption of a course and between receptions of other steroid means. Many believe that it is so possible to reduce the probability of suppression of own testosterone and will get rid of kickback. Most often such way does not equal hopes, and reduces result. Drug is not intended for use between other rates of steroids. Interruption of a course can cause a converse effect and will reduce all efforts to zero.

Methane combination to other steroid means
Specialists recommend to combine Danabolum with other steroids for obtaining the maximum result and decrease in a number of side effects. Such way allows to take the drug in the same dosage plus additional resources for increase in a net result. The best satellites of methane for a set of muscle bulk are the following drugs:

In weightlifting most often combine steroid with Trenbolone and Nandrolonum. Duration of the combined course is 1 month. It is not recommended to exceed the stated norms and to prolong use in independence of result.

Reception out-of-pocket methane containing testosterone is not recommended. During intake of any steroid drugs the level of own hormone decreases. Methane not an exception. Before use of the combined means it is necessary to calculate accurately the general dosage and the scheme of reception. It is necessary to approach intake of any medicines with the maximum responsibility. Even experienced athletes are inclined to be mistaken. You can call our specialists and get free advice regarding use of any given means.

Disturbance of protein metabolism.
Infectious diseases of chronic character.
Dystrophy of muscles of the progressing character.
Growth inhibition and development of a reproductive system in teenagers.
Development of alcoholic hepatitis.
Organism exhaustion.

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