Clomid (clomiphene citrate)

Let’s stick to the basics eh? Clomid is used in the main to aid ovulation in females with a low fertility rate, which is what it is mainly prescribed for. Now, Clomid does actually work as an anti-estrogen and as it is a weak synthetic estrogen it binds itself to estrogen receptors and blocks them to estrogen in the blood. So, the effects of gyno and water retention are definitely minimised as a result of estrogen when using testosterone.
Confusion again is high when to use Clomid. If it is used during a cycle then its main aim would be for blocking estrogen; post cycle it would depend on the half life of the steroid i.e. I would use it a couple of weeks after the cycle ended to assist in keeping the gains that I had made. So it would make sense to use HCG during a cycle to help prevent testicular atrophy and Clomid post cycle (ie 2-3 weeks after your last injection) when the androgens are low enough so that your natural test levels can be kicked back into play. Phew!

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