Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a reputable pharmaceutical company located in the Central-Eastern Europe and has a statute of multinational company. It is specialized in producing all categories of drugs and medicines and its goal is to offer high quality steroidal products at competitive prices and to continuously progress in the pharmaceutical industry. Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a relatively recent name on medicine manufacturing market but many of its products already passed the test of quality and safety and are utilized and well received in various corners of the world. The process of recognition and extinction of Balkan Pharmaceuticals as a competitive and safe medicines manufacturer is reflected in the fact that company already sell its products to CIS, European Union countries and to United States of America.


The commitment of Balkan Pharmaceuticals is to improving permanently its products and its manufacturing technologies. Its goal is to ensure people with access to legit medications and to build a reputation of a company with serious professional attitude and dedication. The staff that work in the company are well selected professionals which are totally dedicated to their work and to the evolution and progress of drugs manufacturing technologies. The teamwork and the safe and healthy environment is one of the factors that already made the products manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals required and actively purchased on world market. The installations for the manufacturing have GMP certificates reviews that are issued by the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate.


The mission of Balkan Pharmaceuticals is to provide innovative, distinctive anabolic steroids, to save and improve lives, satisfy customer needs and to be recognized as one of the best in the business. This pharmaceutical company aspires to be one of the most appreciated and trustful medicines manufacturing company in Europe and is always dedicated to providing to the world innovations and solutions for the future.


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