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With Dymethazine, you can expect immediate gains in both size and strength, that will continue on for the duration of your cycle. This comes from the pro-hypertrophic effects of androgen receptor activation, nitrogen retention, and glycogen supercompensation. The combination of these powerful anabolic processes creates an environment for extreme gains in muscle size and strength that are unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Dymethazine is a unique prohormone that has 2 target hormone conversions, Drostanolone, and Drostanolone Hydrazone. Clinical studies have shown that the myotropic (muscle building) effects of Dymethazine’s parent hormones were greater than traditional anabolic steroids such as testosterone propionate, anadrol, and winstrol.  Also, the nitrogen retention abilities were greater than pure methyl-testosterone.

Nitrogen Retention is what governs the muscle cells ability to synthesize new contractile proteins to create muscle tissue. This hypertrophic cascade is carried out by DNA and mRNA transcriptions. Without up-regulating these transcriptions factors your body cannot build muscle at an optimal rate like it can while using Dymethazine.

In addition to this transcription up-regulation, the second key to unlocking rapid muscle growth is the activation of androgen receptors. By supplementing with Dymethazine, you will will dramatically increase androgen receptor activation by flooding muscle cells with 2 unique anabolic hormones of Drostanolone, and Drostanolone Hydrazone. This androgen receptor activation will create a hypertrophic cascade that results in extraordinary muscle growth.