Danabol 10

In danabol, high anabolic properties and a moderate androgenic effect are harmoniously combined. This makes the drug one of the most powerful among tableted anabolics. Thanks to the creation of a high anabolic background, danabol stimulates the growth of muscle mass and contributes to the increase in force parameters. In addition, the bone structure is strengthened, and the fat burning process is accelerated with the use of the appropriate regimen. All this makes the drug very popular and many bodybuilders want to buy Danabol for a quality cycle of mass recruitment.

Effects of Danabol 10

The active ingredient of danabol is methandienone. This steroid is known for its ability to retain in the body a large number of nutritional elements. Also, it has a high rate of digestion, and you can see the results after a couple of days, from the beginning of the cycle.


The half-life of the drug is sufficiently small and the duration of its effect on the body is of the order of fifteen hours. The drug is often used by beginning bodybuilders, which also contributes to the low price of Danabol. Do not forget about this drug and pro-athletes who use it as part of combined cycles. Also note that the steroid metabolites can no longer be detected in the body after about five days from the moment of its cancellation.

Dosage and Administration Danabol 10

The recommended daily dose of the drug is from 20 to 50 milligrams. For beginners it is enough to apply daily from 30 to 40 milligrams. At the same time, Danabol’s course will also show excellent results. Experienced athletes can increase the dose to 50-60 milligrams.

A steroid is often used in combination cycles. Beginning builders can recommend a bundle of danabol with Winstrol , which will allow you to gain mass of high quality. In the final phase of the course, the drug should start using stanozolol , which eliminates the effect of pullback, thereby preserving all the results obtained. No less effective in this period can be clenbuterol , which is often used by experienced athletes to minimize kickbacks. To dial the maximum amount of mass, it is worth combining danabol with such injectable AAS as nandrolone or long esters of testosterone .

Danabol 10 Reviews

If you did not use AAS, then you probably want to read reviews about Danabol. This is very simple, since the drug is very popular, and many athletes use it during their training. At once we will tell, that athletes positively respond about danabol, marking thus its high efficiency and force. With all the requirements, the drug courses are powerful and safe.

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