Nolvadex (tamoxifen)

This is one of the best known and widely used anti-estrogens on the market. It normally comes in 10 or 20mg tablets. Now Nolvadex will not stop the gyno dead, it also cannot reverse the problem once it has started, but what it actually does is to stop the estrogens from taking hold by competitively taking up the receptors for this hormone. It also allows them to stop any problems occurring very quickly but as soon as you discontinue usage you have to allow for an immediate influx of estrogens also. The bonus is that they can be used as soon as the problem rears its head again, but remember; Nolvadex will only stop or slow down the problem further, so early usage is advised.
It is also important to note that Nolvadex can be so effective that some competitive bodybuilders have even used extremely high androgenic steroids such as Oxy 50’s (Anadrol) right up to a contest with no problem of water retention or gyno – I stress the word “SOME” strongly mind!

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