Dubbed by athletes as A-bombs or A50, Anadrol was primarily designed as a compound meant to help anemic patients and those who are suffering from certain conditions that can cause drastic weight loss. Generally, Anadrol is recognized as an effective medication that promotes appetite, strength gain, weight gain, and increases the number of red blood cells in the body. However, as with any other AAS (anabolic/androgenic steroid), it still has its ups and downs.
Anadrol Steroid Bottle
How it works

Understanding how it affects your body and your system can help you determine whether or not it is the best steroid for you. Anadrol generally inhibits the way your body naturally produces hormones like testosterone. It can also provide negative effects on your blood’s lipid profile, cause you to retain water, and give you some headaches. Also, keep in mind that it is also toxic to your liver. In fact, it is considered as one of the most toxic steroids available these days.

Weighing the advantages and the disadvantages

Taking a look at both the pros and cons of this steroid can also help you understand how it works. Basically, the A50 is a compound derived from DHT and it is also a 17aa steroid—it is tweaked in the 17th carbon position so it will still be effective even after passing through your liver when orally ingested. Still, keep in mind that even if it can survive passing through your liver, it is actually very taxing on it. It is not recommended to take it for more than 20 weeks because of its toxicity to your liver.

More facts

A person who is using this steroid is most likely to gain around 20lbs to 30lbs in less than 6 weeks even with a 50mg-100mg dose. Muscles appear fuller and they contract better because they are lubricated. Also, the active life of Anadrol steroids is lesser than 16 hours and its average daily recommended dose is 50mg to 150mg for men. Its aromatization is still being debated upon but it is already recognized for side effects such as water retention or bloating, liver toxicity, acne, and high blood pressure.

Discover more about steroids

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