Winstrol V

Winstrol V is the brand name of the synthetic anabolic steroid called Stanozolol. Derived from testosterone, the FDA has approved Winstrol V as both an oral and injectable steroid for human use. As an injectable, it is not esterified and it is bought in the form of an aqueous suspension. On the other hand, the oral form is taken as a tablet. Its oral bioavailability is massive because of its ability to pass through the liver and survive upon ingestion.Winstrol Steroids Bottles

The safer alternative

Winstrol V is actually known as a better choice for steroids especially if it is going to be used by a female bodybuilder. Generally, it awards her with hefty amounts of anabolism but with very little androgenic effects. Still, the female user should be aware that masculinization and virilization are still common side effects even if she is taking Winstrol in small doses.

Medical treatment

Aside from helping bodybuilders build muscle, Stanozolol is also used for medical reasons. In fact, it is known for successfully treating hereditary angioedema and anemia. Veterinarians also prescribe Stanozolol to increase the production of red blood cells, improve muscle growth, stimulate the appetite, and improve the bone density of weak or debilitated animals.


Although approved by the FDA, using Winstrol V is not allowed in sports competitions based on the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) and other sports organizations. Some bodybuilders also use Stanozolol illegally by stacking it with other anabolic steroids that are testosterone-based. Also, remember that it belongs to the federal regulations’ Schedule III controlled substances.

The dosage

Winstrol V is commonly administered as a 50ml/mg injection or as a 5mg tablet. Nowadays, there are already 100mg/ml doses available. Still, the common dosage is usually around 10-25mg a day if taken orally, and 25-50mg everyday if injected into the system. The best results are usually evident with 50mg doses everyday.

What the users think

There are bodybuilders who believe that it increases their strength and muscle mass without causing them to gain too much weight. Furthermore, they believe that it increases their vascularity and that it won’t become estrogen. It also does not cause their bodies to retain water because of its somewhat diuretic effect.

Read more about Winstrol

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