Manufacturer: Alpha-Pharma Healthcare
Category: Anti Estrogens
Substance: Aromasin
Package: 25mg 30 pills

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Exemestane is an anti-cancer medication in the oral steroidal aromatase inhibitor class of drugs prescribed for breast cancer patients. It is used to slow breast cancer growth usually after having taken tamoxifen (brands such as Nolvadex and Altamofen) for 2-3 years. Exemestane is taken for five consecutive years as an adjuvant hormonal therapy.

Aromex from Alpha-pharma is the most sold exemestane drug at Leo Chemist. Other exemestane brands include Xtane which is manufactured by Natco Pharma Limited. Natco works internationally with companies such as Mylan, Breckenride Pharmaceuticals, Teva, and Actavis. Exemestane was approved by the USFDA in late 2005 under the brand name aromasin. Original aromasin price will depend on the country from where it is being purchased but can be very expensive.

Aromex is used by bodybuilders to reduce gynecomastia caused by overproduction of aromatase from taking testosterone. Aromex by Alpha Pharma also reduces fat and water retention. Further, exemestane increases male sex hormones and is used recreationally in doping to boost LH and FSH levels (Luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone). This improves bodybuilding performance.