Manufacturer: Eli Lilly
Category: Hormones & Peptides
Substance: Human Growth Hormone
Package: 36IU pen

The latest compound to be used by athletes and body builders to enhance their physiques and performance is the human growth hormone or HGH. HGH is not an anabolic steroid but is a protein or peptide hormone that is produced naturally by the human body. It is secreted by the pituitary gland and is part of the Somatropin protein hormone family, which makes it similar to the Prolactin hormone. Synthetic HGH has been available since the 1980s but large amounts of biosynthetic HGH has been available only since early 2000s.

The human growth hormone is responsible for many essential functions in the human body. Most importantly, HGH is responsible for growth and as a result, synthetic HGH is used in childhood and adolescence stages in patients to promote proper growth. It is responsible for various growth functions and mechanisms. HGH is responsible for cellular regeneration and growth, regulates metabolic activity and promotes repair and healing. HGH is primarily responsible for bone growth, growth of internal organs, growth of skeletal muscles and it is also responsible for the growth, repair and healing of connective tissue. No wonder it is highly sought after by athletes and body builders.

HGH has a very high safety rating, which means that there is no limit to how long it can be used. It takes a while to see the benefits of HGH and a minimum of 16 weeks is required to see any benefits. It is recommended that HGH be used for at least 6 months for maximum benefits. For performance enhancement, 2 i.u. per day is recommended for men and women as 1 i.u. is for therapeutic purposes. The dosage can be increased to 4 i.u. Very high doses can cause side effects.

Even though HGH is not a steroid, it is highly anabolic. Apart from being responsible for growth, it also affects the protein, fat, carbohydrate and vitamin and mineral metabolism. It promotes the burning of stored fat and this combined with its potent anabolic effects makes it essential for those looking to enhance their performance and physiques. It increases healing and the rate at which tissues and cells are repaired making it invaluable to athletes and body builders. Apart from growth and metabolic effects; it reduces the effects of ageing, produces a leaner and muscular body, strengthens bones, improves the skin, reduces depression and provides more energy.

Although it is one of the safest hormone supplements and can be tolerated in large doses, it should not be abused. At therapeutic and slightly higher levels, it has no side effects. At large doses, it can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, water retention, bloating and excessive bone growth in the feet, hands and jaw.