Manufacturer: BM Pharmaceuticals
Category: Injectable Steroids
Substance: Testosterone Propionate
Package: 100mg/ml 10 ampoules

TESTOPIN-100 – is one of the drugs of the ester testosterone propionate. It has long lasting activity and broad spectrum of activity that is valued not only in sports but also in medical practice.

It is important to note that situation, many bodybuilders ignore these drugs unlike steroids enanthate and cypionate. Shorter esters have good demand, but as popular as they are long acting analogues can not boast.

The fault here is not the properties of the steroid, which, although different, but in many cases not inferior and even superior to these competitors, and their low awareness of athletes.

Beginners, in particular, often believe that once others buy enanthate and cypionate, then they should. But the effect of the drug can improve not worse consisting, for example, in a qualitative muscle growth and strength without a significant fluid retention.

TESTOPIN-100, incidentally, is a steroid, with high anabolic and androgenic activity. As it has strong androgenic and anabolic effect, it is great for building muscle and strength, as well as rate of drying, and can even be used at the end of the course to consolidate the results. The drug has many of its own advantages that its counterparts over the long action can not boast.

This anabolic androgenic steroid has a much shorter duration of action than long-acting enanthate and cypionate, of the order of 1-2 days. To get the desired effect it is injected quite often – at least once in three days or in a day, which is a more common practice.

Manual does not say, but we note that the injection TESTOPIN-100 can be performed not only solo on the course, but also in combination with other steroid drugs.

Usual dosage for a single injection of 50-100 mg. Some competitive athletes to introduce himself the day before the championship a large number of steroid to the next day to raise the level of androgens in the blood, that he was high, and thus increased athletic performance. This tactic is considered to be justified and substantiated more sports physicians of the GDR.

If we talk about working combinations, Testopin 2ml in the package and its analogues are often used along with stanozolol in tablet or injectable form, nandrolone, methandienone, trenbolone, Methenolone and many other popular and effective in sports steroids. The choice here is almost unlimited, because testosterone can be perfectly compatible with a variety of on the effects of steroids.

However, there are exceptions, beginners in particular, it is not recommended to resort to heavy steroid courses and even more to use high dosages.

Side effects possible when using this steroid, comparable to those violations that occur when taking other drugs testosterone.

In particular TESTOPIN-100 may cause due to androgen side effects: rashes on the body, increased libido, aggression, hair loss, and others. On the other hand the toxic influence on the liver is minimal, damage is virtually eliminated, the same applies to the kidneys and cardiovascular system.

In order to prevent and minimize the possible harm from TESTOPIN-100, typically uses an auxiliary pharmacology: the course in heavy may need Proviron (mesterolone); the DCR is used, or tamoxifen, or clomiphene citrate.